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  • Cuteness
    Cuteness is a subjective term describing a type of attractiveness commonly associated with youth and appearance, as well as a scientific concept and analytical model in ethology, first introduced by Konrad Lorenz. Lorenz proposed the concept of baby schema , a set of facial and body features, that make a creature appear "cute" and activate ("release") in others the motivation to care for it.
  • Cute Is What We Aim For
    Cute Is What We Aim For is a rock band from Buffalo, New York. The band formed in 2005, and have since released two albums: The Same Old Blood Rush with a New Touch and Rotation.
  • Cute (Japanese idol group)
    Cute, stylized as ℃-ute , was a Japanese idol girl group part of Hello! Project collective produced by Tsunku, who also wrote almost all the group's songs.
  • Cute (Japanese idol group) discography
    The discography of the Japanese idol group Cute consists of 23* singles, 7 studio albums, and 1 compilation album. Beginning with the Cute's major debut back in 2007, all its singles* reached the Top 10 in the Oricon Weekly Chart.

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